Blocking traffic

This user writes: "The left and middle lanes were full, and I wanted to turn right. I had to wait until the light turned green and go around this jerk in order to make my turn." 


First User Submission!

From user "BC":

I try to avoid driving as much as possible. But when I do, one of the things that drives me most insane is when cars are parked such that a two lane road becomes a single lane road- this means, of course, that if a car is coming the other way, one of us has to back up and wait somewhere down the road for the other to pass.

There are signs that say “견인구역” (“tow-away zone”) every few hundred metres, but they’re a joke. I don’t expect that these stickers will make any more of a difference than those signs, but putting them on the offending cars nevertheless has a cathartic value.

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