You see this guy? Fuck this guy.

You see this guy? Fuck this guy.

Why not call the authorities about bad parkers?

Hahaha! You're funny.  

No, really. Why not?

Okay, I'll give a real answer. The Korean government does issue small fines for illegal parking, but rarely. For whatever reason, the authorities in charge of enforcing  parking regulations don't do so very well. 

Also,  most of the time the offender gets the ticket in the mail weeks after the fact. Anyone who's ever tried to change bad behaviour in others- children or animals, for example- knows that this kind of delayed response isn't effective. 

Last year, I saw a parking lot monitor putting stickers that said "do not park here" (in Korean) on the windshields of cars that were double parked, and thought, "those stickers could easily be more effective." And that's how this product was born.

If you don't like Korea, why don't you go back to your country?

Wow, thanks for the ad hominem. 

I'll address the question anyway, though: I was born in Korea, actually, but it's true that Korea isn't "my" country, at least anymore- I moved to Canada as a child, and I naturalised a few years ago. In any case, I do like Korea. In fact, I visit every few years to see family, and I always enjoy myself. Just because I don't like the driving culture (something most every Korean doesn't like as well) doesn't mean I don't like the country.

There isn't enough parking in Korea. What choice do people have but to park illegally? 

This almost always isn't true. You may have to walk a little or pay at a private lot, but so what? Your laziness/cheapness doesn't mean you get to be an asshole.

Also, it doesn't justify parking in handicapped spaces without a permit (what if a handicapped person needs it?), nor parking in a fire lane (what if there's a fire?).

And this objection has absolutely nothing to do with people who take up two (or three!) spaces in a busy lot. 

How can shipping be so quick & inexpensive in Korea if you're in Canada? And why are prices in US dollars?

That's the miracle of drop shipping  :)  

About the currency: since Korean won isn't an option, unfortunately, it's got to be US dollars.

Anything else?

Yes: put the sticker on a window (not the body of the vehicle) in a place that doesn't obstruct the driver's vision. You don't want to cause an accident, do you? Also, only use these on those who really deserve it.