Have you had enough of asshole parking?


Here's what it all means:

Note: Some of these may not make perfect sense when translated into English. In Korean they do, and they're very, very offensive!

If so, you've come to the right place. Here's what makes our stickers so effective at angering and embarrassing the assholes who deserve it:

  • large size (30 cm x 21.5 cm, equal to a standard sheet of printer paper).

  • hard to remove (the glue is seriously strong).

  • shocking language (no one wants to be seen with this on their windshield).


Left column (parking offences)

Top: "I'm the type of asshole that parks on narrow roads (blocking auto traffic)."                        

Center: "I'm the kind of human garbage that parks in handicapped spaces (even though I'm not handicapped)."   

Bottom: "I'm too fucking stupid to park within the lines (taking up two spaces)."

Center column (the main message)

Top: "Congratulations. You've been chosen as a perfect example of a self-centred, entitled, asshole driver."                                            

Center (red background): "NO PARKING"  

Bottom: "Korea Parking Vigilante Association"

Right column (more parking offences)

Top: "I'm such an asshole that I park on the sidewalk (blocking pedestrian traffic)"

Center: "I crave attention so much that I park in fire lanes (blocking fire trucks)"                

Bottom: "I'm so fucking crazy that I park on the crosswalk (blocking pedestrian traffic)"